7 creative hacks for your Paint Nite paintings

So you went to Paint Nite: you painted, you drank, you laughed (and it was awesome!). Maybe you went again…and again. And now you have a bunch of paintings and you’re not quite sure what to do with all of them.

We’ve got your back. While you can certainly create your own painting gallery wall, sometimes you want to get even more creative. So, we had our team come up with their favorite Paint Nite painting hacks to give you some inspiration.

1. introduce some characters

Print out photos, grab some Modge Podge (or just white school glue), and in just a few minutes, your painting can turn into something completely different. We opted for a T-Rex and the cast of Lord of the Rings to give these paintings a magical makeover.

Nothing says quiet street like a T-Rex


This forest really was asking for the cast of LOTR to show up, don’t you think?

2. just add keys

Constantly losing your keys? Grab some hooks and nail them into the wooden frame of your painting. Hang it up near the door and you’ll be ready to go without having to hunt for keys.

painting with keys

3. be wordy

Leave notes for roommates, your S.O., family members, or yourself with this handy cork and note board. You can grab these stick-on foam and cork board pieces for just a few dollars at Target or cut out your own from larger pieces. Just add some fun push-pins and notes.

Painting message board

4. cut and paste

We don’t normally suggest cutting up your painting, but in this case, it’s pretty cool to reuse in a different way. Cut out the canvas from your painting and you can glue it to a tote bag, a pillow case…just about anything. We think this bag is perfect for carrying bottles of wine over to a friend’s house.

wine caddy bag with a painting

5. light it up

Adding lights to all of those starry nite paintings can really take them to the next level. We used LED “fairy lights” to give this painting a pop, but you can choose whatever works best for you. Just poke holes in the painting where you want the stars to go and pull the bulb through. Hang it up and you’re ready to impress.

Add lights to your painting to make it dazzle

Add lights to your painting to make it dazzle

Tada! Insta-starry sky.

6. fabric and ribbon

We always want to see your paintings hanging proudly on your wall, but sometimes covering one of them up with a fun fabric is a great way to display photos, memos, and more. Have a holiday painting, but it’s March? Give this a try until Christmas rolls around. Then you can quickly take off the fabric and show off your painting again. We added fabric and ribbon with thumb tacks. These can be easily removed whenever you’d like.

painting photo board

7. make it 3D

Add feathers, rhinestones, Washi tape, beads…anything. Making your painting 3D adds appeal and interest. Look how cool this one turned out!

Make your painting 3D by adding enhancements

Make your painting 3D by adding enhancements


Make your painting 3D by adding enhancements


Have you done something creative with your Paint Nite paintings? Let us know in the comments. Inspired? Find a Paint Nite event in your neighborhood.

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